Thing 30 Flash cards, quiz games


Most days in library, there are one or two individuals who have forgotten their book, or who don’t want to get a book and although I have bookmarks to color, magazines to read etc, I thought it would be nice to include a little crossword puzzle. I created a book elements crossword puzzle that  not only reinforces literary vocabulary, but also could be used as:

  • start of semester knowledge inventory
  • end of unit review
  • constructive busy work

I went to and not only was it FREE but it was extremely easy to create! I am all about using different gimmicks, I mean strategies, to keep kids learning.

During the summer I work at a camp in the literacy class. I try to keep it fun and by using Matt Johnson’s Bingo Baker, I was able to create 8 different bingo cards for my kidergarteners’ dolch words. Again, super easy and best of all, FREE!




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