Thing 17 -DIY


I just spent WAAYY too much time in Google Cultural Institute! I will definitely use the Civil Rights gallery next year for either MLK or Black History month. Great resource. For my project, I created a gallery to align with Lightning Thief.

Google Cultural Institute Lightning Thief Gallery

I envision referencing the statues, analyzing the symbolism and comparing to text. Obviously this could have been done with Google images and PPT but using Cultural Institute saves time in curating copyright free images and finding appropriate text to match the image. Additionally, viewing other galleries can inspire another project or simply be a joy to look at.

And now I will add my gallery to my 6th grade Libguide…


3 thoughts on “Thing 17 -DIY

    • Sorry, it should be public now. Actually, the site indicated it might take an hour (from 10:20 PM Saturday)

      Thank you,

      Nicole Rosen
      Nicole Rosen
      RCSD Librarian
      Martin B. Anderson School No. 1
      473-1533 ext. 1160

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