Thing 14


Uncanny timing. I received a grant a few months ago and purchased a fair amount of ebooks. Although I had emailed directions on how to access, teachers kept asking me how to get to library catalog. I hope screen shots are the  answer. On my keyboard, the process was not press PRNT SCRN or ALT + PRNT SCRN. After more attempts than I care to admit, I realized the similarly colored FN key + PRNT SCRN achieved my goal. Voila. My new directions for teachers on how to access ebooks  while simultaneously promoting my library.  Thing 14

Wanted to do Wordle as a class assignment on building vocabulary. Often when I ask students to describe a character, they come up with the same adjectives: happy, sad, brave. I thought it would be fun to do a thesaurus lesson and use wordle as final presentation. My java is outdated and I was blocked from updating. Called helpdesk but was advised that updating is impossible as it would conflict with other district -wide software. Ugh.

My school recently received Chromebooks and we use google docs and slides more and more. I thought Lightshot would be handy to learn but once again was blocked.

Tried Pablo, liked the gazillion image options, and text flexibility but Pinterest was blocked and I couldn’t download image. Nothing in my download file. Wanted to use for quotations for Black History Month using book Giant Steps to Change the World by Spike and Tonya Lee. Emailed help desk but have not heard back.

HA! Used Snaggy to print screen and crop  Pablo creation!     Pablo via Snaggy







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