Thing 23 LibGuides


Have you ever tried a new “tool” and you just couldn’t wrap your pea-brained head around it? Couldn’t make it work? Couldn’t figure out how to use it? That was LibGuides for me. Too many options I guess. I finally get it. I made resource guides for 5th and 6th grade. There were websites and interactive sites I’d found and really liked but usually after the teacher had read the book. By creating these guides, I have them ready for next year and can simply refer my teachers to them. Alternatively, if teachers are too bogged down by a scripted curriculum, I can use the sources in library. I have been putting off using various tools such as Quozia simply because the logistics of students saving, sharing with me, and my having a place to upload and present was too complicated for a 30 minute class. My school uses Google docs, and it is much easier to share and now that I finally understand how LibGuides work, I can have an actual place to present online-created work.


Thing 11 Coding Club update


I have 18 4th to 6th graders in my coding club. I am teaching the Course 2 curriculum and despite that it is very well-designed it took me two days (one hour each) to get through the first lesson, graph paper programming. Students were definitely challenged when trying to draw someone else’s code but they finally got it. I will use the graph paper assessment before moving on. We just had a week off so I will ease into the work week by going straight to the Angry Birds Maze and skipping the paper airplane section.

I strongly recommend teachers offering this curriculum to their students. It teaches students logic, communication, and systemic thinking all while having fun and playing games.