Thing 11 Coding


Since last year when I did Hour of Code as a library center, I’ve been thinking about  forming an after-school club for coding.  After reading the statistic that out of 3.9 million students taking the AP computer science test, less than 3000 were African American or Hispanic, I decided to form the after school club for February 2016.   I have been reviewing the lesson plans for Course 2. Although the lesson plan indicates that course 2 is appropriate for grades 2 to 5, in the Artist sequence, puzzle 3 requires the ability to express a word problem algebraically and puzzles 6 and 7  require a  firm understanding of angles. After needing more than one (okay two) tries to work through puzzles 6 and 7 I decided I would have to limit the club to grades 4 to 6. Since I only have 2o computers available, that isn’t really a problem. Although I want to challenge my students, I do not want to overwhelm or discourage them. Additionally, since it is an after-school club, I would like them to have fun and gain some confidence so that they will  persevere when it becomes more challenging. Since I will have an hour for the club and the lessons are thirty minutes, I am thinking I will allow them to do the Minecraft game. I will be posting on this subject again in late February once the club has started. HourCertificate_12.02.13_v4


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