Final reflections


A few months ago, I gave up on LibGuides. Initially, I found it difficult to work with. Part of the problem was that I wasn’t sure what my content was going to be. It’s difficult to follow the “how to” directions when you’re not even sure you “what” you want to do. A place for parents to see student work? resource lists for my teachers? A better organized list of resources than the 6000 links on my favorites bar that I forget I even have? This was only my second year as a librarian and I am still learning about what I need to know, let alone how to organize and present it. As I get to know my teachers and what they need from me, first and foremost, I need to stop reinventing the wheel every year. I started some pathfinders for  myself and for my teachers. Some websites are more conducive to library learning but there is plenty of overlap. Sometimes I forget the obvious and only after I’ve read through 15 sites do I remember to check PBS or the publisher’s site. A basic list of the most appropriate sites for each Common Core book would be idea, but that takes a fair amount of time to curate.

Secondly, I would like a place to present student work. Where can I post Quozio memes?  So yes, I learned how to create Canva and Quozia  memes but where do I post? In my district, we discussed Google docs, digital content in Destiny and it’s taken me this long to figure out that for my two main purposes, LibGuides works best. I want to use Libguides for pathfinders and presentation galleries.  At first, I was going to copy a pathfinder that one of my district librarians created but then I realized I had sites she didn’t so I ended up creating my own pathfinder afterall.  didn’t want to go too indepth because apparently there is a version two of LibGuides which will require more review. Now that I have a clearer vision of what I want and need, I will spend my summer learning LibGuides V2 and creating the appropriate content.

Last year and this year I limited myself to five “things.” I personally cannot incorporate 10 new things into my teaching repertoire. As Pooh would say, “I am a bear of very little brain” and can only truly assimilate a few new ideas, especially tech ones. I do like learning this way but it also takes me a while to really internalize how to effectively utilize the tech given the circumstances of my library which I am in fact still learning. For instance, the common sense media lessons are thorough, intensive and wide reaching, but my schedule is so often interrupted by assemblies, field trips, and testing that often too many weeks have passed to pick up the same lesson again. I need to pick and choose the lessons I think my students need. In the same manner, with Cool Tools, I like being able to choose the lesson that is most appropriate for me and my students at that given time.  Also, I personally prefer to learn, try to implement, and evaluate before I move on to another assignment. Even though I like the online method of learning, admittedly, it takes me awhile to realistically incorporate the learning into my lessons.

Lastly, I will be doing library centers during the last couple of weeks of school and definitely plan to include hour of code again.

Below is the link to my revised libguides:


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