Thing 15: Digital Tattoo and Digital Citizenship


I started my digital citizenship unit for my 6th graders with a Flocabulary video titled “Oversharing.” The rap is not only entertaining but provides a good overview. I had the students review why each point (PDA, TMI, bragging) was inappropriate just as an informal assessment.  I then used the Common Sense Media unit “Chart It” covering cyberbullying and relationships and communication. I used this particular unit because there had been an incident between our students online that resulted in one student transferring. My students know the pat answers about online behavior but somehow disconnect when applying those rules to themselves. I wanted to get into a discussion and possibly stir their conscience regarding their comments online. The lesson provides various scenarios and the students have to determine the degree of intentional harm or helpfulness. What was interesting was how varied the responses were regarding whether an action was intentional and the amount of harm inflicted. The conversation was definitely flowing! I appreciate this lesson because it segues their thinking to the bigger stage of high school drama and what role they choose to play both in person and online.


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