Thing 13-School Library Web Presence


Working on my LibGuide page as a place to showcase student projects. So far, creating my page is cumbersome and inflexible. I’ve used WIX, Weebly, and WordPress to create websites and found them to be more user-friendly. Since LibGuides could be used as an elementary school web-presence, I am trying to make my site a bit more fun and engaging. Still working through it and will continue to add more content since I now have a place to post! I am keeping it private for now since I don’t have much content yet. When I have more student material, it will be good to have a site to refer parents so that they can see their child’s work. The work in progress is at



One thought on “Thing 13-School Library Web Presence

  1. Good start on the LibGuide project. It is a very different animal than weebly, wordpress, etc. Much more structured. Will work well in some settings, maybe not in others. I’m a firm believer in trying things and if they work, they work. If not, move on!

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