Teach Like a Pirate Tagxedo


Created the Tagxedo image for a professional development re: Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess



Thing 13-School Library Web Presence


Working on my LibGuide page as a place to showcase student projects. So far, creating my page is cumbersome and inflexible. I’ve used WIX, Weebly, and WordPress to create websites and found them to be more user-friendly. Since LibGuides could be used as an elementary school web-presence, I am trying to make my site a bit more fun and engaging. Still working through it and will continue to add more content since I now have a place to post! I am keeping it private for now since I don’t have much content yet. When I have more student material, it will be good to have a site to refer parents so that they can see their child’s work. The work in progress is at



Thing 12 Media part 2


Tried a different site, Quozio. Easier to use than Canva but I didn’t see an upload picture option and I like the image but given a choice I would’ve used something book related. .Still, I do like the way it looks.

Thing 12 Media Skills


I found free library images from Pixabay and uploaded to Canva. I’ve been collecting children’s lit quotations not knowing quite yet what my plan was! I’m glad I finally could put it all together.

When in doubt, go to the library.

Hermione is always right

Hour of Code Part 2


I am happy to report that Hour of Code was a big hit with my students! I used it as a library center during that hard to focus month of December. Since I was a certified level 20 zombie killer I was able to legitimately challenge my students! My first graders and some of my second graders used the arrow version of Angry Birds and third to sixth used the written version. They all thought it was tremendous fun and felt great satisfaction when they progressed to a new level. A few of my sixth graders did not have the patience to figure out the steps but one usually very quiet boy got to level 16 in one 40 minute class! I said to him, “Wow! That’s really good, you must be good in math because you obviously have a very logical and methodical mind.” His smile was priceless. I would definitely repeat as a center and will consider a coding club sometime in the future. In other words, it no longer intimidates me and it felt good to introduce a “difficult” task in such an entertaining way. It also gave me the opportunity to teach my students to walk away and take a break when at an impasse. Very teachable moment.