PhotoPeach and WordPress do not play together!


According to WordPress list, I cannot embed from Photopeach! Bummer, I could have been an Oscar contender!


Thing 5 photo peach


Super easy to use. Except I can’t figure out how to embed!!! Could be used for short animal reports or simple stories.Easy enough to try with 2nd and third graders.If really ambitious, students could draw own pictures, scan and upload and add text. For example, in Stephanie Harvey’s Comprehension Toolkit, students create their own nonfiction books on topics which they are “experts” such as swimming or dancing. Last year we made out of paper, but photopeach would be an even better alternative.

Thing 4-RSS feeds


I am embarassed to let you know how many times I started a netvibe page and then deleted it! Sometimes it is easier to simply start over than to find the edit button. But I got it started finally. I already like it because if I leave it up, I can check in when I feel like it–and much easier than scrolling through my emails. I’ve used live binders before but this is visually more appealing which may sound stupid but when you are looking at text onscreen and on the printed page, it helps to have a little color on the page. Living in Rochester, the weather app is a necessity! I started working on a new dashboard for the common core third grade frogs unit. It will be nice to have updated websites on one page for students to look at.