To paraphrase Captain Kirk…


Librarian’s log. This is the journey of  Nicole, first year librarian in what feels like the uncharted territory of a strange, urban landscape filled with angry children, unspeaking children, nonstop chatting children, and astoundingly-disrespectful-one-day-but-next-day-did–I-do-good-today-children.  Don’t worry, I’m not enough of a trekkie to continue this theme, I just needed an electronic ice breaker. What I’ve discovered  about my students is that I need to keep changing formats and strategies as what engages one student, turns off another. One student who barely could respond “present” when I called attendance, continuously raised her hand in responding to a Dorothy Lange photograph of a migrant worker used for the Esperanza unit. BrainPOP works for some, others are ready to send Moby to the recycle heap. SmartBoard games engage one and strike fear into another by the very thought of approaching the front of the class. The more technological variety I can incorporate into my library the better as there are so many different humanoid species out there. (sorry, last Star Trek reference I swear.)


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